The following is a list of fictional stories that are found in the fictitious novel Sanguo zhi pinghua. These stories are not found in any historical source, such as the History of the Later Han, History of Jin or Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Many fictional stories that are told in Romance of the Three Kingdoms find their origin in this text, though sometimes slightly different. For example in Romance of the Three Kingdoms Lü Bu is offered the famous Red Hare horse for switching from Ding Yuan's side to Dong Zhuo's. In the Sanguo zhi pinghua Ding Yuan actually owns Red Hare, and Lü Bu murders him, steals the horse and goes over to Dong Zhuo.

On the other, some stories never were taken into Romance and thus remained exclusive to Sanguo zhi pinghua. Below all of Sanguo zhi pinghua's fictional stories are listed.

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