The following is a list of Chinese terminology that one will quite commonly find in non-Chinese media and literature.

  • juan 卷 - a Chinese counting unit used to indicate a chapter or volume.
  • pian 篇 - a Chinese counting unit used to indicate a volume, section or chapter. Larger than juan, so a pian can consist of juan, but not vice-versa.
  • shu 書 - a writing, usually a book, but can also be a letter or document.
  • Style name ( 字) - a name bestowed upon a person at adulthood in addition to his or her given name.
  • sui 歲 - meaning "years of age". In Chinese they do not start counting at 0 years of age, but at 1 year of age. So when a text says "the person died at 60 sui" it means that the person died at 59 years of age by Western reckoning.

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