• Division Leader
    other translations: Fang (fāng 方帥)
    A leader of Division. A Division was the equivalent of an army under a general. Zhang Jue spread his men over a total of thirty-six Divisions.
    • Large Division Leader (dà fāng 大方)
      other translations: Great Fang
      Divisions which had 10.000 men or more were called Large Divisions and were lead by a Large Division Leader (for example: Bo Cai, Ma Yuanyi).
    • Small Division Leader (xiǎo fāng 小方)
      Divisions which had 6.000 or 7.000 thousand men were called Small Divisions and were lead by a Small Division Leader.
  • Gang Leader (qú shuài 渠帥)
    other translations: Local Leader?[n 1]
    Appointed by a Division leader to command a portion of his troops.
  • Great Commander (dà shuài 大帥)
    So far only Wu Ba is known to have held this rank.
  • Great Healer (dà yī 大醫)
    Zhang Bao's and Zhang Liang's title in the Way of Great Peace. '大' means 'Great' or 'Big', '醫' is the Chinese symbol for healing. A general symbol, which can thus be translated into various English words related to healing (doctor, healer, medicine). At Gongjin's Campaign Memorials we've opted to use 'Healer', because Doctor and Medicine are too directly related to the profession of doctor.
  • Great Virtuous Teacher (dà xiánliáng shī 大賢良師)
    other translations: Greatly Virtuous and Excellent Master
    Zhang Jue's title in the Way of Great Peace.
  • Local Leader (qú shuài 渠帥)
    Appointed by a Division leader to command a portion of his troops (for example: Peng Tuo, Zhang Mancheng).
  • Lord of Earth General (dígōng jiāngjūn 地公將軍)
    other translations: 'Lord of Earth' and 'General' (two seperate titles)
    Zhang Bao's title for the rebellion.
  • Lord of Heaven General (tiāngōng jiāngjūn 天公將軍)
    other translations: 'Lord of Heaven' and 'General' (two seperate titles)
    Zhang Jue's title for the rebellion. It is said he sacrificed a man to appropriate Heaven and to justify himself having this title.
  • Lord of Man General (réngōng jiāngjūn 人公將軍)
    other translations: 'Lord of Man' and 'General' (two seperate titles), Lord of Humanity General
    Zhang Liang's title for the rebellion. This way the brothers presented themselves as symbolic embodiments of heaven, earth and man, the all-embracing triad.


  1. The description given to Bandit Leader by Carl Leban in Ts'ao Ts'ao and the Rise of Wei: The Early Years shows similarities with the description of Local Leader. According to the explanation Wiktionary gives us about its hanzi, it looks likely to be one and the same rank.

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