The following is a list of all known Grand Administrators during Later Han and the Three Kingdoms. Currently the list consists of people from 180 - 220. Grand Administrators (tàishǒu 太守) were people who administered a commandery (jùn 郡).

List of Grand AdministratorsEdit

a cross (†) means the person held that office at the moment he died.

Commandery Grand Administrator Appointed in Left office Other years
at office [n 1]
Appointed by Notes
Ba Cai Yong
Ba Yan Yan 214 211
Ba Fei Guan 214 Liu Bei
Ba Ren Yue 215 Cao Cao
Badong Fuhu 215 Cao Cao [Note 1]
Baxi Duhu 215 Cao Cao [Note 2]
Baxi Zhang Fei 215 Liu Bei
Beidi Huangfu Song 184
Beidi Zhang Liao 198
Bohai Yuan Shao 189 191 Dong Zhuo [Note 3]
Bohai Gongsun Fan 191 Yuan Shao
Cangwu Shi Huang ~204
Cangwu Wu Ju Liu Biao
Changguang He Kui 200
Changsha Sun Jian 187 191? 190 edict
Changsha Zhang Xian 198
Changsha Han Xuan 208
Chenliu Zhang Miao 189 190, 194 Dong Zhuo
Danyang Zhou Xin 194
Danyang Wu Jing 194 Yuan Shu
Danyang Chen Ji 194
Danyang Yuan Yin 195 Yuan Shu
Danyang Taishi Ci 198 Taishi Ci [Note 4]
Danyang Sun Yi 204† [Note 5]
Danyang Sun Yu 209
Danyang Jiang Ji 213
Dai 216
Dai Pei Qian 216 218 Cao Cao [Note 6]
Dong Qiao Mao 190† 189 [Note 7]
Dong Wang Gong 190 Liu Dai
Dong Hu Zhen 191
Dong Cao Cao 191 192? Yuan Shao
Dong Xiahou Dun 194
Dong Zang Hong 195†
Dong Liu Yan 200
Donglai Guan Tong 203
Fangling Kuai Qi 219†
Guanghan Zhang Su 212
Guanghan He Zhi 218
Guangling Zhang Chao 190
Guangling Zhao Yu 192 195 Tao Qian
Guangling Xu Qiu
Guangling Chen Deng 197 198, 200 Cao Cao
Guangyang Liu Wei 184†
Guiyang Zhao Fan 208
Guiyang Zhao Yun 208 Liu Bei
Hanchang Lu Su 210 217† Sun Quan
Hanchang Lü Meng 217 Sun Quan
Hanning Zhang Lu 201 Han court
Hanyang He Xun
Hanyang Fu Xie 186 187†
Hanyang 213†
Hanzhong Su Gu 191†
Hanzhong Wei Yan 219 Liu Bei
Hedong Wang Yi 195 205 [Note 8]
Hedong Guo Yuan 201 [Note 9]
Hedong Du Ji 205 211 Cao Cao
Henei Wang Kuang 190
Henei Zhang Yang 191 198† Dong Zhuo
Henei Wei Chong 199 Cao Cao
Hepu Lai Da 184
Hepu Wang Sheng
Hepu Shi Yi [Note 10]
Hongnong Ju Jun 196† Cao Cao [Note 11]
Jiangxia Huang Zu 196
Jiangxia Zhou Yu 199 Sun Ce [Note 12]
Jiangxia Liu Qi 208 208 Liu Biao
Jiangxia Wen Ping 208 Cao Cao
Jiangxia Cheng Pu 209 Sun Quan
Jiangxia Cheng Pu 210 Sun Quan
Jiangyang Pang Xi 201 Liu Zhang
Jianwei Ren Qi 191†
Jianwei Li Yan 214 Liu Bei
Jiaozhi Shi Xie 210
Jincheng Chen Yi 184†
Jiujiang Bian Rang
Jiujiang 197
Jiuzhen Shi Hui [Note 13]
Julu Guo Dian 184
Julu Sima Zhi 184
Kuaiji Wang Lang 192 196 Tao Qian
Kuaiji Yu Fan
Kuaiji Sun Ce 196 Sun Ce [Note 14]
Kuaiji Sun Ce 197 Cao Cao
Kuaiji Sun Quan 200 Cao Cao
Kuaiji Chunyu Shi 217
Le'an Lu Kang 185
Le'an Guan Tong 203 Yuan Tan
Le'an Wang Xiu
Lelang Zhang Qi
Liaodong Yang Zhong 187†
Liaodong Gongsun Du 190 Dong Zhuo
Liaodong Gongsun Kang 207
Liaoxi 190 Gongsun Du [Note 15]
Lingling Yang Xuan 180
Lingling Han Song 199 Emperor Xian
Lingling Liu Du 208
Lingling He Pu 215
Longxi Li Xiangru 187
Lujiang Lu Kang 194
Lujiang Liu Xun 194 199 Yuan Shu
Lujiang Li Shu 199 200 Sun Ce
Lujiang Zhu Guang Cao Cao
Lujiang Lü Meng 214 Sun Quan
Luling Sun Fu 199 200 Sun Ce [Note 16]
Nan Zhou Yu 209 210† Sun Quan
Nan Cheng Pu 210 Sun Quan
Nan Mi Fang 219 Sun Quan
Nan Lü Meng 219 Sun Quan
Nanhai 181
Nanhai Shi Wu [Note 17]
Nanxiang Fu Fang 219
Nanyang Chu Gong 184†
Nanyang Qin Xie 184 186† [Note 18]
Nanyang Zhang Zi 189 190 Dong Zhuo
Nanyang Dongli Gun 218
Pengze Lü Fan 209 Sun Quan
Poyang 210 [Note 19]
Poyang Bu Zhi 210 Sun Quan [Note 20]
Runan Zhao Qian 184 [Note 21]
Runan Man Chong 219
Shangdang 205
Shangyong Shen Dan 219
Shanyang Yuan Yi 190
Shu Xun You 196
Shu Xu Jing 214 Liu Zhang
Shu Fa Zheng 214 218 Liu Bei
Shu Yang Hong 218 Zhuge Liang [Note 22]
Taishan Zhang Ju
Taishan Ying Shao 193
Wei 193†
Wei Xu Yi 216
Wei Xu Xuan 220

Wu Sheng Xian [Note 23]
Wu Xu Gong 195 [Note 24]
Wu Chen Yu 197
Wuling Cao Yin 190
Wuling Jin Xuan 208
Wuwei Zhang Meng 206†
Wuyuan Wang Zhi 189
Xiapi Guan Yu 199
Xicheng Shen Yi 219 Liu Bei
Xindu He Qi 208 Sun Quan [Note 25]
Xiping Du Ji 205 [Note 26]
Yingchuan He Jin 180
Yidu Meng Da 219
Yidu Fan You 219 Liu Bei
Yidu Lu Xun 219 Sun Quan
Yizhou Li Rong 182
Yizhou Dong He 214 [Note 27]
Youbeiping Liu Zheng 187†
Youfufeng Zhao Yan 215
Yuyang Zou Dan 195† Gongsun Zan
Yuyang Xianyu Fu 199, 205?
Yuzhang Zhu Hao 195 Liu Yao [Note 28]
Yuzhang Zhuge Xuan 195 Yuan Shu [Note 28]
Yuzhang Hua Xin 195 198
Yuzhang Sun Ben 199 Sun Ce [Note 29]
Zhangke Fei Shi
Zhangling Kuai Yue 208
Zhongliao 190 Gongsun Du [Note 30]
Zhuo 205†
Zitong Huo Jun 214 Liu Bei [Note 31]

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  1. The commandery Badong was created by Cao Cao in 215 (divided from Ba commandery).
  2. The commandery Baxi was created by Cao Cao in 215 (divided from Ba commandery).
  3. Though Yuan Shao probably had not acted as Grand Administrator of Bohai for some time, it was not until he "officially" left office as Grand Administrator in 191, when he passed it down to Gongsun Fan.
  4. As Taishi Ci took this title himself, instead of being appointed as such, he was thus not officially a Grand Administrator.
  5. Sun Yi was killed in 204.
  6. Pei Qian succeeded the previous Grand Administrator, whose name is not mentioned in historical sources.
  7. Qiao Mao was killed in 190.
  8. It seems Wang Yi may not have been Grand Administrator the entire time between 195-205, because in 201 Guo Yuan was made Grand Administrator of Hedong. It is unclear when he left office, but in 205 we read that Du Ji replaced Wang Yi, not Guo Yuan, so Wang Yi had been re-appointed as Grand Administrator of Hedong between 201 and 205.
  9. Guo Yuan may have held his title until his death until 203.
  10. Shi Yi was recommended by Shi Xie.
  11. Ju Jun recieved the title Grand Administrator of Hongnong posthumously.
  12. Zhou Yu was Acting Grand Administrator.
  13. Shi Hui was recommended by Shi Xie.
  14. Sun Ce took the title Grand Administrator of Kuaiji himself at first (thus not "officially" carrying the title), he was officially granted the title in 197 by Cao Cao.
  15. The commandery Liaoxi was created by Gongsun Du in 190 (divided from Liaodong commandery). Though it is stated in the Zizhi tongjian he made someone its Grand Administrator, it doesn't tell who.
  16. The commandery Luling was created by Sun Ce in 199 (divided from Yuzhang commandery) and Sun Fu was it's initial Grand Administrator.
  17. Shi Yi was recommended by Shi Xie.
  18. Qin Xie was Chu Gong's successor.
  19. The commandery Poyang was created by Sun Quan in 210. At its creation a Grand Administrator was appointed, but his name is not mentioned.
  20. Though appointed in the same year as the commandery was created, Bu Zhi was actually not the first Grand Administrator of Poyang. The first Grand Administrator is not mentioned by name.
  21. In 184 Zhao Qian was defeated by a band of Yellow Turbans at Shaolin county. It is not stated if he returned to his post after the Yellow Turbans were quelled.
  22. Yang Hong was Fa Zheng's successor.
  23. Sheng Xian was succeeded by Xu Gong.
  24. Xu Gong was deposed by Zhu Zhi in 195.
  25. The commandery Xindu was created by Sun Quan in 208. At its creation He Qi was appointed its first Grand Administrator.
  26. In 205 Du Ji is mentioned as Xiping's Grand Administrator. Later in 205 it is also mentioned he got appointed as Grand Admninistrator of Hedong, thus leaving this post.
  27. In 214 Dong He, together with Zhu Guang, was captured by Sun Quan, thus leaving their posts.
  28. 28.0 28.1 In 195 the commandery Yuzhang had two Grand Administrators, one appointed Liu Yao, the other appointed by his rival Yuan Shu. Both warlords claimed the territory of Yuzhang, hence they both appointed a Grand Administrator for its commandery.
  29. In 199 a part of Yuzhang was divided by Sun Ce to form the commandery Luling. Sun Ben became Grand Administrator of Yuzhang after this dividement.
  30. The commandery Zhongliao was created by Gongsun Du in 190 (divided from Liaodong commandery). At its creation a Grand Administrator was appointed, but his name is not mentioned.
  31. The commandery Zitong was created by Liu Bei in 214 and Huo Jun was it's initial Grand Administrator.

  1. When "Appointed in" and/or "Left office" are unknown, this column is used to write down at least the years we do know someone held that appointment.



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