Liang Long 粱龍, nicknamed “Dragon Liang”, was probably a chieftain of the Wuhu people of Hepu commandery. In the late 170's he controlled a large force in Jiaozhi region, along the south of Han-China.


Liang Long was born in Jiaozhi region. His nickname “Dragon Liang” comes from his given name Long 龍, which literally means “Dragon”.

Liang Long was likely to have been a chieftain of the Wuhu people of Hepu commandery in the Jiaozhi region. In the late 170's Liang Long controlled a large rebel force across the far south. He was joined by the Grand Administrator of Cangwu commandery Chen Shao 陳绍 and the Grand Administrator of Nanhai commandery Kong Zhi 孔芝. Together they attacked and occupied several commanderies and counties.

To deal with the rebels the Prefect of Lanling Zhu Jun 朱儁 was appointed as Inspector of Jiaozhi and sent to the region. He first killed Chen Shao and within a few weeks the insurgents surrendered and Liang Long was executed.[2][1][3]



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