Liang Boning 梁伯寧 is mentioned in Rafe de Crespigny's A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms on page 446 as being a local leader of Yellow Turbans. He was supposedly killed by a troop of Huangfu Song's unit, commanded by Fu Xie.

However, after reading the biography of Fu Xie the following was noticed: Fu Xie was awarded for achieving victory over three Yellow Turban leaders in Yingchuan commandery. HHS 58/48 lists the three leaders in the following sentence:


In this sentence, the three names Bu Si (卜巳), Zhang Bo (張伯) and Liang Zhongning (梁仲寧) can be found, but not Liang Boning. After e-mailing De Crespigny about this he confirmed Liang Boning was an erroneous entry. There was no Yellow Turban named Liang Boning.

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