Li Wuxingjun zhao 立吳興郡詔 (An Imperial Order sent to Wuxing commandery) is an imperial order sent by Sun Hao 孫皓 of Wu.


Sun Hao was the last emperor of Wu. He lived from 242 to 284 and ruled Wu from 264 to 280.

The Imperial Order is included in Sun Hao's biography in Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wu 3 - Biography of Sun HaoEdit

  1. 皓詔曰:「古者分土建國,所以襃賞賢能,廣樹藩屏。秦毀五等為三十六郡,漢室初興,闓立乃至百五,因事制宜,蓋無常數也。今吳郡陽羨、永安、餘杭、臨水及丹楊故鄣、安吉、原鄉、於潛諸縣,地勢水流之便,悉注烏程,旣宜立郡以鎮山越,且以藩衞明陵,奉承大祭,不亦可乎!其亟分此九縣為吳興郡,治烏程。」

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