Sanguo sha

Legends of the Three Kingdoms box art

Legends of the Three Kingdoms (Sānguóshā 三国杀) is a Chinese cardgame based on the Three Kingdoms. The rules come from the world famous card game Bang!. The cardgame uses simplified Chinese.

Sanguo sha can be played with 2-10 players, with each player picking 1 of 4 roles, which are:

  • Lord (主公) (only 1 per game)
  • Loyalist (忠臣)
  • Rebel (反贼)
  • Spy (内奸)

The role determines your playing style, but also your victory conditions:

  • Lord: Survive and kill all the rebels and spies.
  • Loyalist: Aid the Lord in surviving and killing all rebels and spies.
  • Rebel: Kill the Lord
  • Spy: Kill all the spies, rebels and loyalists, then kill the Lord.

The game ends when the Lord is killed or when all rebels and spies are killed.


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