A leader of a Large Division (dà fāng 大方) was a leader commanding a Division which consisted of over 10.000 men. The term 'Large Division Leader' is not found in historical files, but some Yellow Turban leaders are referred to as 'Large Divisions' (大方) in the History of the Later Han.


Yellow Turban Large Division LeadersEdit

When Zhang Jue and his brothers were preparing for rebellion, they spread their followers of thirty-six Divisions. There were two kind of Divisions; Large Divisions and Small Divisions. Large Divisions consisted of over 10.000 men and were lead by a Large Division Leader. Every Large Division Leader appointed a "Bandit Leader" (perjorative term) to command a selection of his troops.[3]

Duties and RightsEdit

  • Commanding over 10.000 men.
  • Assigning a Local Leader to a sub-Division of his force.


  1. "大方馬元義等先收荊、" from HHS calls Ma Yuanyi (馬元義) a "Da Fang" (大方).


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