Lady Zhurong 祝融夫人, also known as Madam Zhurong or Zhu Rong, is the fictional wife of Meng Huo 孟獲, the Nanman King. She is a descendant of Zhu Rong; the Goddess of Fire and an expert at throwing knifes, never missing her target.



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  • The 祝融 in 祝融夫人 means 'Zhurong'. The 夫人 means 'Lady'.

Fact vs. FictionEdit


  • ...there is no mention of any woman in Nanzhong being called Zhu Rong.
  • ...there is no mention of Meng Huo having a wife.
  • ...the characters for Zhurong, 祝融, do not appear in any historical text.



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