Lady Zhang 張妃 was the eldest daughter of general Zhang Fei 張飛 and empress of Liu Shan 劉禪.

Records of the Three Kingdoms biographyEdit

 The Attentive and Lamented Empress of the Later Lord [Liu Shan] (Jìng’āi huánghòu 後主敬哀皇后) was the eldest daughter of the General of Chariots and Cavalry (jūjì jiāngjūn 車騎將軍) Zhang Fei. In the first year of Zhangwu 章武[n 1] she was made consort of the heir-apparent [Liu Shan]. In the first year of Jianxing 建興[n 2] she was made empress. She died in the fifteenth year of Jianxing. She was buried at the Nan Tumulus (南陵 Nánlíng)



  • This is not the lady Koei-Tecmo based Xingcai on.
  • The Lady’s mother was Lady Xiahou, a cousin of Xiahou Ba.[1]
  • When the Lady died, the title of empress was passed down to her younger sister.[1]
  1. GJCM notes: the reign years Zhangwu were from 221-223. At the time Liu Bei was the emperor.
  2. GJCM notes: the reign years Jianxing were from 223-237. At the time Liu Shan was the emperor.


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