Lady Xiahou - RTKXII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

Lady Xiahou 夏侯氏 is a fictional character who appears in Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms videogame series. She is the wife of Zhang Fei and the mother of Empress Zhang.


Xiahou Yuan’s niece. Xiahou Ba’s cousin. Zhang Fei’s wife. The mother of Lady Zhang, Liu Shan’s Empress. In the year 200 A.D., when Lady Xiahou was thirteen or fourteen, she was captured by Zhang Fei when out collecting firewood, and became his wife. In 219 A.D., when Xiahou Yuan died in battle, Lady Xiahou asked to bury the remains, Xiahou Ba (who later defected to Shu) was given preferential treatment because he was Lady Xiahou’s cousin, and was promoted to Marshal.[1]


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