Lady Wang 王夫人 was a favourite of the Emperor of Wu Sun Quan 孫權. Mother of Sun Xiu 孫休 and posthumously made Empress Jinghuai by him.

Records of the Three Kingdoms biographyEdit

 Lady Wang of the ruler of Wu [Sun] Quan was from Nanyang [commandery]. She was selected to enter the palace. She gained favour during the years of Jiahe 嘉禾[n 1] and gave birth to [Sun] Xiu 休. When [Sun] He 和 became heir-apparent (tàizǐ 太子), his mother was honoured and esteemed and all the concubines who had been favoured were exiled from the palace. The Lady was sent to Gong’an 公安 where she died and was buried.

 When Xiu ascended the throne, he dispatched a commissioner to bestow her with the posthumous title of Empress Jinghuai (Jìnghuái huánghòu 敬懷皇后; literally “Empress of Attentive Recollection”) and she was re-burried at the Jing Tumulus (Jìnglíng 敬陵). The Wang family had no descendants, so Xiu appointed her younger half brother (from the same mother) as marquis of a commune.

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  1. GJCM notes: the years of Jiahe were from 232-238. Jiahe means “Golden Harvest”. At the time Sun Quan was the emperor.


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