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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, after Lü Meng 呂蒙 successfully defeated Guan Yu 關羽 during the conquest of Jingzhou and had him executed. Sun Quan threw a feast for Lü Meng's achievement. During the feast, Lü Meng got possessed by Guan Yu's spirit and blood sprayed everywere from his mouth and nose. Just suddenly, Lü Meng got up and seized Sun Quan, but Sun Quan's generals quicky rushed forward to save Sun Quan. Lü Meng finally swore a vengeance before collapsing and dying.

What happened historically?Edit

  • Historically, the feast was never held.
  • Historically, Lü Meng unfortunately got ill and Sun Quan tried every way to save him, but Lü Meng still couldn't make it and passed away at the age of 41. (219 A.D.)

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