The Kuaiji Shaoshi jiazhuan (Biographies of the Shao Family of Kuaiji) was a Chinese text about the Shao family of Kuaiji commandery in Yang province.

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Information about this book is scarce. Unlike many of Pei Songzhi's sources the book is not mentioned in the Book of Sui (completed in 636 AD). Perhaps the book was no longer extant at that time.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wu 3 - Biography of Sun HaoEdit

  1. 《會稽邵氏家傳》曰:邵疇字溫伯,時為誕功曹。誕被收,惶遽無以自明。疇進曰:「疇今自在,疇之事,明府何憂?」遂詣吏自列,云不白妖言,事由於己,非府君罪。吏上疇辭,皓怒猶盛。疇慮誕卒不免,遂自殺以證之。臨亡,置辭曰:「疇生長邊陲,不閑教道,得以門資,厠身本郡,踰越儕類,位極朝右,不能贊揚盛化,養之以福。今妖訛橫興,干國亂紀,疇以噂𠴲之語,本非事實,雖家誦人詠,不足有慮。天下重器,而匹夫橫議,疾其醜聲,不忍聞見,欲含垢藏疾,不彰之翰筆,鎮躁歸靜,使之自息。愚心勤勤,每執斯旨,故誕屈其所是,默以見從。此之為愆,實由於疇。謹不敢逃死,歸罪有司,唯乞天鑒,特垂清察。」吏收疇喪,得辭以聞,皓乃免誕大刑,送付建安作船。疇亡時,年四十。皓嘉疇節義,詔郡縣圖形廟堂。

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  1. de Crespigny. “Index of Books and Writers quoted in the P'ei Sung-chih commentary to San-kuo chih” in The Records of the Three Kingdoms.


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