Julu 鉅鹿 was a commandery (jùn 郡) in the west of Ji province (Jìzhōu 冀州) in the east of Han-China.


Julu is bordered to the commanderies Changshan 常山 in the north, Zhao 趙 in the south and Anping 安平 and Ganling 甘陵 in the east.


The earliest Three Kingdoms-related events in Julu were probably the foundation of the Way of Great Peace (Tàipíng Dào 太平道) by the brothers Zhang Jue, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang in the early 170's and the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184.



Grand AdministratorsEdit

  • Guo Dian (184)
  • Sima Zhi (appointed in 185)
  • Li Shao (until 192)
  • Dong Zhao (appointed in 192)
  • Li Xiu (unknown, but during Cao Pi's reign)

People from JuluEdit

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