The Jin Wudi zhongjing bu 晉武帝中經簿 (Intermediate Classics of Emperor Wu of Jin) was a Chinese text compiled by Xun Xu and others.

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Xun Xu lived until 289 AD. He was a great grandson of the famous Xun Shuang 荀爽 (128–190), a politician and historian of the Later Han Dynasty. Xun Xu was one of Sima Yan's oldest and closest advisors throughout his reign.

In 274 Xun Xu began a major reorganization of the Jin imperial library including recopying of a very sizable number of texts into a single standard compendium which came to be known as Zhongjing bu.[1] The bibliographical treatise of the Book of Sui desribes this compendium as having been 29.945 scrolls, and divided into four parts, all of which are now lost.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 13 - Biography of Wang LangEdit

  1. 臣松之桉此人姓周生,名烈。何晏《論語集解》有烈義例,餘所著述,見《晉武帝中經簿》。

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