Jin Taishi qiju zhu 晉泰始起居注 (Diaries of Activities and Repose of the Taishi era of Jin) is a court diary from the time of Emperor Wu of Jin.


The Taishi 泰始 was a reignperiod of the Jin Dynasty, which lasted from 265-274. It's emperor at that time was Sima Yan, the Emperor Wu 武 of Jin.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Shu 5 - Biography of Zhuge LiangEdit

  1. 《晉泰始起居注》載詔曰:「諸葛亮在蜀,盡其心力,其子瞻臨難而死義,天下之善一也。」其孫京,隨才署吏,後為郿令。

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