Jin Taikang sannian diji 晉太康三年地記 (Geographical Records for the third year of the Taikang era of Jin) is a Chinese text.

Bits of informationEdit

The Book of Sui mentions this text and says it was (at least at that time) six chapters (juan 卷) long.

Taikang was a reign period of Sima Yan, the Emperor Wu of Jin. The Taikang era began on 280, the year in which Wu was conquered by Jin and China was reunified, and ended on 289. The third year of the Taiking era of Jin was 282/283. This geographical record is probably an official compilation of the Jin administration of that time.

The Book of Sui, chapter 33, has a Yuankang sannian diji 元康三年地記 in six chapters, but Yuan 元 is surely a mistake for Tai 太. The Old Book of Tang lists a diji which was compiled during that Yuankang era, which had five chapters and the New Book of Tang has a Taikang tudiji in ten chapters.[1]

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 22 - Biography of Chen QunEdit

  1. 案《晉太康三年地記》,晉戶有三百七十七萬,吳、蜀戶不能居半。以此言之,魏雖始承喪亂,方晉亦當無乃大殊。長文之言,於是為過。

Book of Wu 3 - Biography of Sun HaoEdit

  1. 《太康三年地記》曰:吳有太初宮,方三百丈,權所起也。昭明宮方五百丈,皓所作也。避晉諱,故曰顯明。

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