Jin Huidi qiju zhu 晉惠帝起居注 (Diaries of Activities and Repose of Emperor Hui of Jin) is a Chinese text written by Lu Ji 陸機.[2]

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Sima Zhong was emperor of the Jin Dynasty from 290 to 306. This text is about him during his reign as Emperor Hui of Jin. Information about this text is scarce.

Some information can be found in texts of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, though neither dynasty ever had this text. The Sui Dynasty does say the Liang Dynasty collection had 2 juan of it, which had since been lost. However:

The Book of Sui does have a Yuankang qiju zhu 元康起居注 in 1 juan.
The Old Book of Tang has a Yongping qiju zhu 永平起居注 in 8 juan, compiled by Li Kuei 李軌. The New Book of Tang agrees with the Old Book of Tang, but does not mention a compiler.

Yuankang and Yongping were reignperiods during the time of Emperor Hui of Jin, and these books are also "diaries of activities and repose", like Emperor Hui's.

It appears that Li Kuei was associated with Lu Ji in the compilation of these official diaries, though we cannot tell how the books were divided or how the chapters were arranged.[1]

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 8 - Biography of Zhang YanEdit

  1. 陸機《晉惠帝起居注》曰:門下通事令史張林,飛燕之曾孫。林與趙王倫為亂,未及周年,位至尚書令、衞將軍,封郡公。尋為倫所殺。
  2. Lu Ji's Diaries of Activities and Repose of Emperor Hui of Jin says: “The Prefect Clerk Beneath the Gates Zhang Lin 張林 was a great-grandson of Zhang Yan 張燕. He took part in the revolt of King [Sima] Lun 司馬倫 of Zhao 趙, and within a year, had attained the ranks of Prefect Imperial Secretariat and General of the Guards, and had been enfeoffed as duke of a county. He was executed with the rest of Sima Lun’s associates.”[3]

Book of Wei 23 - Biography of Pei QianEdit

  1. 臣松之案陸機《惠帝起居注》稱「頠雅有遠量,當朝名士也」,又曰「民之望也」。頠理具淵博,贍於論難,著崇有、貴無二論,以矯虛誕之弊,文辭精富,為世名論。子嵩,字道文。荀綽稱嵩有父祖風。為中書郎,早卒。頠從父弟邈,字景聲,有儁才,為太傅司馬越從事中郎,假節監中外營諸軍事。潛少弟徽,字文季,兾州刺史。有高才遠度,善言玄妙。事見荀粲、傅嘏、王弼、管輅諸傳。徽長子黎,字伯宗,一名演,游擊將軍。次康,字仲豫,太子左衞率。次楷,字叔則,侍中中書令、光祿大夫、開府。次綽,字季舒,黃門侍郎,早卒,追贈長水校尉。康、楷、綽皆為名士,而楷才望最重。

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