The Jiang Wu biao 降吳表 (Memorials on the Fall of Wu) was a Chinese memorial written by Wen Qin.

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Book of Wei 28 - Biography of Guanqiu JianEdit

  1. 欽《降吳表》曰:「稟命不幸,常隷魏國,兩絕於天。雖側伏偶都,自知無路。司馬師滔天作逆,廢害二主,辛、癸、高、莽,惡不足喻。欽累世受魏恩,烏鳥之情,竊懷憤踊,在三之義,期於弊仆。前與毌丘儉、郭淮等俱舉義兵,當共討師,埽除凶孽,誠臣慺慺愚管所執。智慮淺薄,微節不騁,進無所依,悲痛切心。退惟不能扶翼本朝,抱愧俛仰,靡所自厝。冒緣古義,固有所歸,庶假天威,得展萬一,僵仆之日,亦所不恨。輙相率將,歸命聖化,慙偷苟生,非辭所陳。謹上還所受魏使持節、前將軍、山桑侯印綬。臨表惶惑,伏須罪誅。」

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  • Chen Shou 陳壽 (233–297). Sanguo zhi 三國志 “Records of the Three Kingdoms”, with official commentary compiled by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 (372-451).

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