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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, when Liu Bei manages to get the youthful Zhuge Liang to serve him and treats him well, somehow Guan Yu and Zhang Fei understimate Zhuge Liang because he is too young to be smart. Later, local warlord Cao Cao sends Xiahou Dun with 10,000 men to attack Liu Bei at Xinye. Liu Bei asks Zhuge Liang what to do and Zhuge Liang gives him the strategy to ambush Xiahou Dun at Bowang Slope (博望坡) which is near Xinye. After giving orders to each general what to do. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei ask what he's going to do. Zhuge Liang replies saying he will stay and guard Xinye. This made Guan Yu and Zhang Fei even mad.

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