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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI portrait

Huaman 花鬘 is a fictional character who originated in the Beijing opera, Zong Feng Jin 龍鳳巾.[1] She appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and other Three Kingdoms themed games.


Huaman is Meng Huo's 孟獲 and Lady Zhurong's 祝融妃 daughter. As the main heroïne of the opera, she is depicted as a woman who had her mother's bravery. She fought against Guan Suo 關索 upon the latter's attack on Yunnan, but was captured and imprisoned. Both fighters were impressed by the other's skill in battle and she was released by him. Guan Suo was captured by Meng Huo's army and became a hostage. Meeting Huaman during his time of imprisonment, they eloped. Staying loyal to her family, however, she went to fight Shu's army and was captured as well. Both sides agreed to exchange their prisoners and the lovers were forced to walk past one another. Their romance became a driving cause for Meng Huo's surrender.

When Meng Huo yielded to Shu-Han, she married Guan Suo.[2]


  • Like many other Nanman, Huaman is entirely fictional.


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