He Yi 何儀 was a bandit fighting in name of the Yellow Turbans. He commanded a force of Yellow Turbans in the commanderies Yingchuan and Runan, together with Liu Pi, He Man and Huang Shao.


With a battle between Yuan Shu and Liu Bei in sight, He Yi and other leaders brought a horde of Yellow Turbans from Yingchuan and Runan to join Yuan Shu. However, Cao Cao attacked them and defeated them. Their leader Huang Shao was killed. He Yi and other leading men surrendered.

Note: Liu Pi, He Yi, He Man and Huang Shao were not active in the 184 A.D. Yellow Turban Rebellion and are Yellow Turbans in name only. They were symphatic to their ideals and fought in their name. They never served under Zhang Jue.


Fact vs. FictionEdit

  • Historically, He Yi was not captured by Xu Chu and not executed by Cao Cao.