This is a list of preserved words of He Jin. They may be quotes or pieces of texts that have survived or were saved in other works.

Spoken wordsEdit

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He Jin - RTKXI
He Jin
The entire country turned chaotic in fear of you. Now that Dong Zhuo arrived, why don’t you go back to your hometowns?

Written wordsEdit

Recommending Dong FuEdit

He Jin - RTKXI
He Jin
Dong embodies the virtues of You 游 and Xia 夏, and he transmits the teachings of Confucius. Internally he cherishes the ‘eradicate and restore’ techniques of Jiao Yanshou 焦延壽 [fl. 50 B.C.] and Dong Zhongshu 董仲舒 [176-104 B.C.]. Just now Bing and Liang provinces are in turmoil, and the Western Jung 戎 are rebellious. You should specially order an official carriage to summon him, treat him with exceptional courtesy, and devise and plan superior strategies with him.

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