Hanmo mingshi lu 漢末名士錄 (Records of the Reputed and Scholarly at the End of Han) is a Chinese text written or compiled by Wang Can 王粲.

Bits of informationEdit

Often the Book of Sui, the Old Book of Tang or the New Book of Tang make mention of old texts and tell us little information about it, such as how many juan 卷 (chapters) it contained or had survived up until that point. The Book of Sui would sometimes refer to the Liang Dynasty collection as well. However, for the Hanmo mingshi lu no entry can be found in any of these sources. This may mean that it was already lost before the Liang Dynasty (502–587).

The only information about this text has to come from surviving fragments, such as the citations below from Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 6 - Biography of Yuan ShaoEdit

  1. 《漢末名士錄》曰:班字季皮,太山人,少與山陽度尚、東平張邈等八人並輕財赴義,振濟人士,世謂之八廚。

Book of Wei 6 - Biography of Liu BiaoEdit

  1. 《漢末名士錄》云:表與汝南陳翔字仲麟、范滂字孟愽、魯國孔昱字世元、勃海苑康字仲真、山陽檀敷字文友、張儉字元節、南陽岑晊字公孝為八友。

Book of Wei 10 - Biography of Xun YouEdit

  1. 《漢末名士錄》曰:術嘗於衆坐數顒三罪,曰:「王德彌先覺儁老,名德高亮,而伯求踈之,是一罪也。許子遠凶淫之人,性行不純,而伯求親之,是二罪也。郭、賈寒窶,無他資業,而伯求肥馬輕裘,光曜道路,是三罪也。」陶丘洪曰:「王德彌大賢而短於濟時,許子遠雖不純而赴難不憚濡足。伯求舉善則以德彌為首,濟難則以子遠為宗。且伯求嘗為虞偉高手刃復仇,義名奮發。其怨家積財巨萬,文馬百駟,而欲使伯求羸牛疲馬,頓伏道路,此為披其胷而假仇敵之刃也。」術意猶不平。後與南陽宗承會於闕下,術發怒曰:「何伯求,凶德也,吾當殺之。」承曰:「何生英俊之士,足下善遇之,使延令名於天下。」術乃止。後黨禁除解,辟司空府。每三府掾屬會議,顒策謀有餘,議者皆自以為不及。遷北軍中候,董卓以為長史。後荀彧為尚書令,遣人迎叔父司空爽喪,使并置顒尸,而葬之於爽冢傍。

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  • Chen Shou 陳壽 (233–297). Sanguo zhi 三國志 “Records of the Three Kingdoms”, with official commentary compiled by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 (372-451).

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