Guo Sheng 郭勝, also known as Guo Mai 脈 was a eunuch from Nanyang and greatly favoured by Emperor Ling. He was from the same commandery as He Jin and closely involved with the fortunes of the He clan and was their close friend. Guo Sheng was one of the twelve Regular Palace Attendants.


Guo Sheng was enfeoffed as marquis and treated with great favour in 184 A.D., along with his fellow eunuchs.

In 189 AD, Jian Shi 蹇碩 became suspicious of He Jin's plot to dispose of the eunuchs and the wrote a memorial to Zhang Rang's faction asking for their assistance in killing the General-in-Chief. The eunuchs decided not to join Jian Shi's plot. Guo Sheng, who had joined the discussion about assisting Jian Shi, managed to obtain the letter and gave it to He Jin. Later, He Jin executed Jian Shi.

Nothing is known about Guo Sheng's death. It seems likely he was killed during the eunuch slaying shortly after He Jin's death.


  • Although Guo Sheng was a friend of the He family, no sources indicate he was against Zhang Rang's faction. As a friend of the He family, he was on good terms with He Jin (who opposed the eunuchs), but also with Empress-Dowager He (who did not oppose the eunuchs).