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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, during the Battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao's army is led by Wen Chou 文醜 and Yan Liang 顏良. They attack Cao Cao's fortress at Baima. Some of Cao Cao's best warriors, such as Xu Huang 徐晃 and Zhang Liao 張遼, went to challenge Yan Liang, but were defeated. Eventually, under Cheng Yu's advise, Cao Cao reluctantly allowed Guan Yu 關羽 to challenge Yan Liang. Guan Yu defeated Yan Liang without much effort. Wen Chou was out for revenge and challenged Cao Cao's army, but he too was easily defeated by Guan Yu.

What happened historically?Edit

  • Historically, Yan Liang was indeed killed by Guan Yu.
  • Historically, Wen Chou was not slain by Guan Yu. Instead, he died at Yan Ford in battle with Cao Cao's troops.
  • Historically, Wen Chou did not duel Guan Yu because he wanted to avenge Yan Liang's death.