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Guan Yu vs Hua Xiong

Guan Yu duelling Hua Xiong

An event which is part of the Battle of Sishui Pass. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Guan Yu 關羽 volunteered to fight Hua Xiong 華雄 who had defeated several warriors of the coalition army, including Sun Jian 孫堅. Before he left, he was given a cup of warm wine to drink and boost his morale, but Guan Yu declined and returned triumphantly after slaying Hua Xiong to gulp down the wine which was still warm.

What happened historically?Edit

  • Historically, Hua Xiong was sent out to Yangren alongside Lü Bu 呂布 and Hu Zhen 胡軫 to battle Sun Jian. Lü Bu and Hu Zhen were defeated and retreated, Hua Xiong was killed.