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In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, after Cao Cao is defeated at the Battle of Chibi, Cao Cao manages to escape under the protection of Xu Huang, Zhang He, and Zhang Liao. Meanwhile, Guan Yu was sent by Zhuge Liang to guard Huarong Pass so he can wait and ambush Cao Cao's fleeing forces. When Cao Cao arrived near the ambush, Guan Yu and Guan Ping's forces appeared, blocking the pass. Cao Cao only had a few men and knew he would lose fighting Guan Yu's forces. Cao Cao's advisor, Cheng Yu whispered to his ear, telling him Guan Yu will let him go on account of their past dealings. So Cao Cao rode up to Guan Yu and bowed telling him to let him through this pass unharmed because he treated Guan Yu nice when he was under his service. Guan Yu finally let Cao Cao's forces pass through. Guan Ping said: "what about master Zhuge Liang's orders to capture Cao Cao?" When Guan Yu came back to the camp, everybody was celebrating. When it was Guan Yu's turn to show what he caught, Guan Yu said he let Cao Cao go at Huarong Pass. Zhuge Liang got angry and ordered Guan Yu to be executed, but Liu Bei insisted him not to and let him repay his mistake. Zhuge Liang finally forgave Guan Yu for his mistake and the celebration continued as normal.

What happened historically?Edit

  • This event is fictional
  • Liu Bei did send troops to pursue Cao Cao after the latter’s defeat but arrived too late and Cao Cao had already escaped.

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