Guan Yinping - RTKXII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

Guan Yinping 關銀屏 is a fictional character created through Chinese popular folklore. She appears in Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms series since the PS2 version of part XI. Variations of her name include Guan-E 關娥 , Guan Feng 關鳳, and Third Lady Guan (Guan Sanxiaojie 關三小姐 ).


Guan Yinping is based on a historical daughter of Guan Yu. Historically Sun Quan wanted to marry her to his son Sun Deng.

Guan Yinpings biography in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII says:

“Daughter of Guan Yu. In folklore, she appeared as the owner of paternal prowess, was set out to participate in Zhuge Liang's barbarian conquest. A marriage proposal by Sun Quan to Sun Deng was declined by Guan Yu, who said "Do not get a child of the son of a tiger dog". This contributed to the wrath of Sun Quan, who then ordered a military invasion of Jingzhou.”[1]

In popular folklore, she was married to Li Hui's son Li Yu.



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