Guan Suo - RTKXII

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

Guan Suo 關索 is a fictional character in Chinese opera. He is depicted as the son of Guan Yu and is also depicted as a gallant and loyal warrior under the late Shu-Han.

The Nanman CampaignEdit

During the fictionalized version of The Nanman Campaign Guan Suo played a major role as a warrior im The Shu-Han forces. He fought against Meng Huo's daughter; Huaman. The two admired eachothers' prowess in battle and married after Huo's surrender to Shu-Han.

In popular cultureEdit

Guan Suo is a playable character in many of TecmoKoei's games. His first appearance in the Warriors series was in Dynasty Warriors 7. He is also playable in Warriors Orochi 3 and in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video games.

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