Great Virtuous Teacher (dà xiánliáng shī 大賢良師) was a title or rank in the Way of Great Peace (Tàipíng Dào 太平道).


In the early 170's a religious movemement called the Way of Great Peace was founded by the brothers Zhang Jue, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang.[2] Shorty after its foundation the brothers appointed themselves with titles. Zhang Jue became 'Great Virtuous Teacher' and his brothers became 'Great Healers'.[3]

It seems plausible that Great Virtuous Teacher was a title of higher value than Great Healer, because Zhang Jue is regarded as the instigator and leader of the Way of Great Peace and the later to follow Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Rights, Tasks and PurposesEdit

  • Treating patients using alternative methods.
  • Running the Way of Great Peace.
  • Acquiring followers.
  • Nothing known about possible other tasks or rights.



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