Gongsun Yue 公孫越 was an officer of Yuan Shu 袁術 and the younger cousin of Gongsun Zan 公孫瓚. His death was the reason for Gongsun Zan's seizing of Ji Province.


Gongsun Yue is first mentioned as serving Gongsun Zan, during the Campaign against Dong Zhuo Gongsun Zan thought Yuan Shu had ideas of rebellion and advised Liu Yu not to send reinforcements to his son Liu He who was at Yuan Shu's. Gongsun Zan was afraid Yuan Shu would find out about the advice he gave Liu Yu and therefore sent his younger cousin to him, with 1.000 horsemen. He secretly encouraged Yuan Shu to keep hold of Liu He and take the soldiers for himself. This caused a rift between Liu Yu and Gongsun Zan.[2]

Later, Yuan Shu's officer Sun Jian 孫堅, was attacked by Yuan Shao's officer Zhou Ang at Yangcheng. Yuan Shu sent Gongsun Yue to reinforce Sun Jian. Eventually, Zhou Ang was defeated, but during the battle Gongsun Yue was hit by a stray arrow and died.

Gongsun Zan blamed Yuan Shao for the death of his younger cousin, resulting in the Battle of Jieqiao.[3]


  • Gongsun Yue and Sun Jian fought Zhou Renming, not his brother Zhou Ang as some sources suggest.


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