Dr. Rafe's Generals of the South - The foundation and early history of the Three Kingdoms state of Wu; a book about the rise of the Sun clan. It is divided into three parts; the chapters about the "Father of Wu", Sun Jian, his oldest son "The Little Conqueror", Sun Ce and the founder of Wu, Sun Quan.

The Book was released in 1990 as No. 16 of the Asian Studies Monographs: New Series of the Faculty of Asian Studies at The Australian National University.

It is dedicated to the memory of George William Symes 1896-1980, soldier and scholar.

The book is limited available at:

Official DescriptionEdit

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. South China during the Later Han Dynasty
  2. Founder of the Family: Sun Jian
  3. The Young Gentleman: Sun Ce
  4. To The Red Cliffs: Sun Quan 200 - 208
  5. Warlord State
  6. Struggle for Jing Province
  7. Claim to the Mandate 222 - 229
  8. Empire in the South
  9. An Essay on the Sources for the History of Wu 170-230

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