The rank "Gang Leader" (qú shuài 渠帥) is a perjorative term for a Yellow Turban who was appointed by a Division Leader to command a selection of his troops. Historians often argue over how to translate "渠帥". Other often used translations are "Bandit Leader" (Carl Leban) and "Local Leader" (Rafe de Crespigny).


Every of Zhang Jue's thirty-six Division Leaders could appoint a Gang Leader to a selection of his troops.[2]

Historian Rafe de Crespigny, currently arguably the most active English speaking Three Kingdoms historian refers to men such as Zhang Mancheng, Han Zhong, etcetera as Local Leaders. It seems plausible that the term Gang Leader is the same as Local Leader, because its archaic meaning is "leader of the local chapter of a bandit gang".

Duties and RightsEdit

  • Command selected troops.



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