The Five Elite Generals (wǔzǐ liáng jiāng 五子良將), were the top five generals of Wei. This saying is however different from the term Five Tiger Generals, because the saying originated fro Chen Shou's Records of the Three Kingdoms, while Five Tiger Generals originated from Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The top five generals of Wei in order:


  • Chen Shou wrote "that of all the great generals of the period, these five generals can be considered the best of them all" (時之良將,五子為先).
  • Each general according to Chen Shou had a tribute.
  1. Yue Jin was renowned for his courage in battle
  2. Yu Jin, Xu Huang and Zhang He were famous for their leadership skills and ability to achieve victory in battles.
  3. Zhang Liao, was known to be the best of the five, he became very famous after forcing the Wu army to retreat at the Battle of Hefei.