Fan Ling was a former member of the Three Excellencies and an associate of Zhang Rang's eunuchs. He was killed by Yuan Shao and Yuan Wei.


Fan Ling was Intendant of Jingzhao commandery in 182 A.D. Cai Yong wrote praises of his good government there, notably the canal work which he carried out in 182 A.D.

Fan Ling later became Steward of the Yongle Palace, the apartments of the Dowager Dong, natural mother of Emperor Ling. In 188 A.D. he paid cash to become Grand Commandant, but left that office after only a month.[1]

Fan Ling is later mentioned shortly after He Jin's death. Zhang Rang, Duan Gui and the other eunuchs appointed him as Colonel Director of Retainers. When the Masters of Writing got the edict block they questioned it: "We ask that the General-in-Chief come out and discuss this with us." The Palace Attendants of the Yellow Gates took He Jin's head and tossed it to the Masters of Writing, saying: "He Jin planned to rebel, he has been executed."

Later, when He Jin's forces had heard of their General's death they stormed the palace. Yuan Shao and his uncle Yuan Wei forged imperial orders to summon Fan Ling and Xu Xiang and had them beheaded.[2]


  • Grandfather
    • Fan Ying



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