Empresses and Consorts: Selections from Chen Shou's Records of the Three States with Pei Songzhi's Commentary is a translation of the Sanguo zhi biographies of women during the Later Han and Three Kingdoms period.

Official DescriptionEdit

This is a critical overview of developments in thought and institutions affecting palace women from earliest times through to the Han, showing how attitudes changed over time. The core of the book is an annotated translation of the three fascicles of Chen Shou's "Records of the Three States".

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. Preface
  2. Translators' Note
  3. Part One: Prolegomenon
    1. Introduction
    2. Palace Women in the Early Empire
    3. Women in Early Imperial History and Thought
    4. Empresses and Consorts of the Three States
    5. Records of the Three States
  4. Part Two: Translation
    1. Records of the Three States: The Book of Wei
      Fascicle 5: Empresses and Consorts
    2. Records of the Three States: The Book of Shu
      Fascicle 34: Consorts and Sons of the Two Sovereigns
    3. Records of the Three States: The Book of Wu
      Fascicle 50: Consorts and Concubines
  5. Appendixes
  6. Maps

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