Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII portrait

E Huan 鄂煥 is a fictional character, presumably created by Luo Guanzhong, who appears in Guanzhong's novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and various Three Kingdoms themed games by Koei.


E Huan was an officer under Gaoding. He was nine feet tall, known to be of of savage nature and was a master of the crescent halberd. He was famous among the Nanman army for his courage and prowess on the battlefield. During Zhuge Liang’s Southern Campaign he fought against Wei Yan and was led into a trap. Zhuge Liang released him after capture, in order to entice Gao Ding to surrender.[1]


  • Like many other Nanman related characters, E Huan is a fictional character with no historical base.
  • In earlier versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms E Huan was explicitly stated as having E 鄂 as his family name (姓名鄂 “My surname and given name are E Huan”). Therefor the space between 'E' and 'Huan' should remain.


  1. Koei. "Officer Encyclopedia" in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. Koei ltd., 2006.


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