Dynasty Warriors 9 (真・三國無双8; Shin Sangoku Musou 8 in Japan) is the 9th installment in the Dynasty Warriors series. For the first time in the main series Zhou Cang 周倉, a fictional character, Cheng Pu 程普 and Man Chong 滿寵 will be playable.

Confirmed charactersEdit

  • a * denotes a new playable character in the main series.


Wei Wu Shu Jin Other
Zhou Cang - RTKXII

A fictional character who made his first appearance in Sanguo zhi pinghua and later appeared in The Story of Hua Guan Suo and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A former Yellow Turban rebel turned bandit. He idolizes Guan Yu and after meeting him follows him on his journeys.

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Cheng Pu - RTKXII

Followed three generations of the Sun family, fighting in numerous battles so that his body became covered with battle-scars. Fought alongside Sun Jian against the Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhuo, scoring victories against Hu Zhen, Lü Bu and Hua Xiong. Saved Sun Ce from the forces of Zhu Ling and for Sun Quan he conquered Nan commandery and caused Cao Ren to flee.

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Man Chong - RTKXII

A strategist for Wei. Fought alongside Cao Ren at the Battle of Fancheng, and advised him against fleeing. Also fought in multiple battles at Hefei against Wu and was succesful in each of them. He eventually lost favour at court due to power struggles with Wang Ling.

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Xun You - RTKXII

Xun Yu's cousin who was notable for giving Cao Cao advices on the campaign against Yuan family during and after Guandu. Disagreed on Cao Cao's decision to become Duke to the point that it caused his illness and death.

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Xu Sheng - RTKXII

Serving as a military general of Sun Quan, he played a key role in the battles at Chibi, Hefei, and the in the invasion of Jing. He was known for his "fake towers" ruse which caused Cao Pi to retreat believing Sun Quan knew of his attack and had the city heavily fortified beforehand.

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Cao Xiu - RTKXII

Cao Cao's nephew. When Cao Cao first raised his flag, he traveled from the far-off Wu District to join him. For this, Cao Cao praised him, saying "He is my clan's 1000-Ii (league) Horse." After losing his father at a young age, Cao Cao took him in as a new son.

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