Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires PS3 Cover
Omega Force
JP Date Released
8 November 2012
EU Date Released
28 February 2013
US Date Released
26 February 2013
Hack & Slash, Action
Game modes:
Singleplayer, Multiplayer
ESRB rating:
Rating US-Teen Teen
PlayStation 3

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires (真・三國無双6 Empires) is the Empires adaption of Dynasty Warriors 7. It was released only on the PlayStation 3 and without English dubs.

The entire Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends cast returns with one new addition; Xu Shu 元直 of Shu-Han.


  • New battle maps for regions (such as Xiapi, Huiji, and Xiangyang) have been added.
  • There is online and offline multiplayer.
  • Players can only use edit characters online.
  • (Free) downloadable content will be released in the form of music, edit parts, strategy rooms, scenarios and weapon skins.
  • There are over eight new types of bases available in the game.
  • Items and the Morale Bar in battle return.
  • The option "Execution" returns.
  • Less "cloned" characters. For example Xiahou Ba now has a siege spear instead of the great sword he shared with Guan Ping.
  • Special strategies (called "Stratagems") can be used in battle. These including flooding, setting a base a flame, raising the players' attack and defense and summoning units such as an animal or Elite Troops.


A list of all stratagems and a guide on how to obtain some of them.


Name Unlock Method Trophy Type
Empires Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
Conqueror of Chaos Clear any scenario under the Chaos difficulty setting. Gold
Ingenious Strategist Use every single tactic available. Gold
Equipment Collector Collect all edit character parts. Gold
Unite the Three Kingdoms Clear any scenario. Silver
Yes, I Can Use an actual generic general not replaced by an edit character, begin as a free officer, then become an emperor and achieve any ending. Silver
Fearless Leader Win a battle without using weapons at all. Silver
A Land of Benevolence Achieve the Kind ending. Silver
A Land of Greed Achieve the Evil ending. Silver
A World of Reason Achieve the Wise ending. Silver
A Nation of Heroes Achieve the Brave ending. Silver
A Nation of Iron Achieve the Orderly ending. Silver
A Golden Era Achieve the Affluent ending. Silver
Double-Tongued Commit a slander. Bronze
Appreciation for Talent Recruit a general by visiting him or her 3 times. Bronze
The Executioner Execute 10 generals. Bronze
Assiduous Cultivation Initiate a joint training. Bronze
Signs of Betrayal Initiate a rebellion. Bronze
Knows No Fear Storm deep into enemy territory alone and succeed in defeating an enemy officer there. Bronze
Halcyon Times of Peace Have 3 regions affected by the Happiness status. Bronze
Sorcery Practitioner Learn the Sorcery tactic. Bronze
Virtue Above All Obtain a region with virtue. Bronze
Rags to Riches Stage a rebellion and usurp the ruler's position. Bronze
Unparalleled Warrior Capture a strong enemy officer. Bronze
The Negotiator Succeed in diplomatic negotiations 10 times. Bronze
Drinking With Friends Hold a grand banquet. Bronze
Living in Style Construct all available abodes. Bronze
Total Dominance Win a battle with less than 10% casualty rate. Bronze
Superficial Obedience Be betrayed by a subordinate as a ruler. Bronze
Mandate of Heaven Become emperor for the first time. Bronze
Marshal Appointment Get appointed as marshal for the first time. Bronze
Prefect Appointment Get appointed as prefect for the first time. Bronze
The Power to Lead Become a ruler for the first time. Bronze
Peach Garden Oath Get sworn siblings for the first time. Bronze
Eternal Love Get married for the first time. Bronze
Strategist Appointment Get appointed as strategist for the first time. Bronze
The Root of Ambition Created a faction by converting mercenary army into a real faction for the first time. Bronze
A Leisurely Time See the event "Complaining About Boredom". Bronze
A New Breed of Hero Achieve any ending while playing as an edit character. Bronze
Hard-liner Max out Orderly fame. Bronze
Magnate Max out Affluent fame. Bronze
Tyrant Max out Evil fame. Bronze
Saint Max out Kind fame. Bronze
Hero Max out Brave fame. Bronze
Sage Max out Wise fame. Bronze

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