Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
Dynasty Warriors- Strikeforce PS3
Omega Force
JP Date Released
26 Februari 2009 (PSP)
EU Date Released
1 May 2009 (PSP)
US Date Released
28 April 2009 (PSP)
Hack & Slash, Action
Game modes:
Singleplayer, Online Multiplayer
ESRB rating:
Rating US-Teen Teen
PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
UMD, Blu-Ray, DVD

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (真・三國無双 MULTI RAID Shin Sangokumusō Maruchi Reido) is the first entry in the Strikeforce series, a spin-off series of Dynasty Warriors. The character models are based on the models used in Dynasty Warriors 6. It was originally released as Dynasty Warriors: Multi Raid in Japan. It was meant as a PSP exclusive title, however, the game was later ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

For the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases a new character was added in the form of Meng Huo.







  • Chapter 6
    • Sealing Death Phoenix
      versus Death Phoenix
    • Sealing Death Tiger
      versus Death Tiger
    • Sealing Death Dragon
      versus Death Dragon
    • From the Depths
      versus Lü Bu

Wei Stages Shu Stages Wu Stages


Third and Fourth OutfitsEdit

Third Outfit

  • Level up to level 10 with the character.

Fourth Outfit

  • Play 50 missions with the character.

Unlockable CharactersEdit

*Note: Many of these quests are unlocked during or after the completion of Chapter 6, with the exclusion of Meng Huo.

Diao Chan
Clear the Battle of Hu Lao Gate on 5-star difficulty.
Dong Zhuo
Clear the Battle of Luo Yang on 5-star difficulty.
Clear the Battle of Mei Castle on 5-star difficulty.
Lü Bu
Beat Chapter 6 on any Story Mode.
Meng Huo
In Chapter 3, talk to the gatekeeper and beat all his three Nanman missions.
Yuan Shao
Clear the 'Zenith Tower' request mission.
Zhang Jiao
Clear the Yellow Turban Rebellion on 5-star difficulty.

Locations of LegendsEdit

    • Dian Wei
      Escape from Wan Castle
      Area: 5
    • Xiahou Dun
      Guan Yu's Escape
      Area: 2
    • Xu Huang
      Cao Cao's Siege
      Area: 1
    • Xu Zhu
      Battle of Chang Ban
      Area: 3
    • Zhen Ji
      Battle of Guan Du
      Area: 5
    • Cao Pi
      Battle of He Fei
      Area: 1
    • Cao Ren
      Battle of Shi Ting
      Area: 3
    • Sima Yi
      Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
      Area: 8
    • Xiahou Yuan
      Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
      Area: 5
    • Zhang He
      Iron Armor
      Area: 3
    • Zhang Liao
      Run the Gauntlet
      Area: 2
    • Cao Cao
      Bewitching Land
      Area: 4
    • Guan Yu
      Assault on Cheng Du
      Area: 9, kill Gao Pei in area 7.
    • Pang Tong
      Battle of Bo Wan Po
      Area: 4, bottom-right
    • Zhang Fei
      Battle of Chang Ban
      Area: 2, center
    • Zhao Yun
      A Dou Rescue
      Area: 3, left
    • Zhuge Liang
      Three Visits
      Area: 1, bottom-right
    • Guan Ping
      Blood of a Warrior
      Area: 5, top-left
    • Huang Zhong
      Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
      Area: 4, bottom-right
    • Ma Chao
      Ma Su Rescue
      Area: 4, bottom-left
    • Wei Yan
      Battle of Yi Ling
      Area: 7, top-left
    • Yue Ying
      Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
      Area: 5, On top of a pillar.
    • Liu Bei
      Area: 2
    • Sun Jian
      Golden Seal
      Area: 6
    • Sun Shang Xiang
      Merging Forces
      Area: 4
    • Taishi Ci
      Assault on Wu Territory
      Area: 6
    • Huang Gai
      Assault on Liu Biao
      Area: 5
    • Ling Tong
      Battle of Xia Kou
      Area: 2
    • Gan Ning
      Battle of He Fei [Chapter 5]
      Area: 5
    • Xiao Qiao
      Battle of Jiang Dong
      Area: 4
    • Lü Meng
      Battle of Fan Castle
      Area: 5
    • Lu Xun
      Battle of Yi Ling
      Area: 4
    • Sun Ce
      Two Paths
      Area: 6
    • Zhou Tai
      Battle of Shi Ting
      Area: 5
    • Zhou Yu
      Chapter 5
      Strategist Gathering
      Area: 4
    • Sun Quan
      Zenith Tower
      Area: 10


    • Diao Chan
      Battle of Hu Lao Gate
      Area: 3
    • Zhang Jiao
      Turban Remnants
      Area: 4
    • Dong Zhuo
      Battle of Xia Pi
      Area: 3
    • Meng Huo
      Unification of Nan Zhong
      Area: 3
    • Yuan Shao
      Rations Defense
      Area: 1
    • Lü Bu
      Black Storm
      Area: 1

Character Card TacticsEdit

Officer Relationship Combinations
1: Cao Cao's Influence - Cao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
2: Sun's Bonds - Sun Jian + Sun Ce + Sun Quan
3: Brother's Oath - Guan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
4: Strategist's Reckoning - Sima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
5: Turbans Sanctum - Zhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
6: Burning Love - Cao Pi + Zhen Ji
7: Young Love - Zhou Yo + Xiao Qiao
8: Virtuous Love - Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang
9: Devoted Love - Lü Bu + Diao Chan
10: Pure Love - Liu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
11: Xiahou's Spirit - Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
12: Faithful Devotion - Sun Quan + Zhou Tai
13: Warrior's Generation - Guan Yu + Guan Ping
14: Princessess Dance - Dong Zhuo + Diao Chan
15: Nemesis Bond - Cao Cao + Yuan Shao
16: Iron Men - Dian Wei + Xu Zhu

Type Combinations using 4 Cards
17: Imperial Majesty - 4 "Lord" Cards
18: Poison Strategy+ - 4 "Wood" Cards
19: Engulf Strategy+ - 4 "Fire" Cards
20: Heavy Strategy+ - 4 "Earth" Cards
21: Freeze Strategy+ - 4 "Water" Cards
22: Stun Strategy+ - 4 "Metal" Cards
23: Seal Strategy+ - 4 "Dark" Cards
24: Disband Strategy+ - 4 "Light" Cards
25: Ingenious Minds - 4 "Strategists" Cards
26: Legendary Courage - 4 "Officer" Cards
27: Wei Phoenix - 4 "Wei" Cards
28: Wu Tiger - 4 "Wu" Cards
29: Shu Dragon - 4 "Shu" Cards
30: Chief's Oath - 4 "Other" Cards

Type Combinations Using 2 Cards
31: Imperial Presence - 2 "Lord" Cards
32: Poison Strategy - 2 "Wood" Cards
33: Engulf Strategy - 2 "Fire" Cards
34: Heavy Strategy - 2 "Earth" Cards
35: Freeze Strategy - 2 "Water" Cards
36: Stun Strategy - 2 "Metal" Cards
37: Seal Strategy - 2 "Dark" Cards
38: Disband Strategy - 2 "Light" Cards
39: Agile Minds - 2 "Strategists" Cards
40: Fearless Courage - 2 "Officer" Cards
41: Wei's Ambition - 2 "Wei" Cards
42: Sun's Solidarity - 2 "Wu" Cards
43: Shu's Aspiration - 2 "Shu" Cards
44: Chief's Union - 2 "Other Forces" Cards

Trophies / Achievements listEdit

warning: some trophies and achievements contain spoilers!

Name Trophy Type GamerScore Description
Dynasty Warrior Platinum 130G Unlock all Trophies/Achievements
Minnow K.O. Bronze 15G Defeat first rank and file soldier
Weaponry K.O. Bronze 15G Defeat first Weaponry
Officer K.O. Bronze 15G Defeat first Officer
Budding General Bronze 15G Issued first command to Allied Officer
Budding Strategist Bronze 15G Use first Card Tactic
Victory Toast Bronze 15G Complete first Quest
Blacksmith Patron 1 Bronze 15G Make first weapon
Blacksmith Patron 2 Bronze 15G Power up first weapon
Academy Disciple Bronze 15G Acquire first Chi Skill
Workshop Patron Bronze 15G Acquire first Orb
Online Venture Silver 30G Connect to Online City for the first time
Victory Banquet Silver 30G Complete first Online Quest
Mutual Exchange Silver 30G Trade Officer with another player for the first time
Heretics Suppressed Bronze 15G Complete Chapter 1 in any Story
Traitor Crushed Bronze 15G Complete Chapter 2 in any Story
Tyranny Sealed Silver 30G Complete Chapter 3 in any Story
Three Kingdoms Established Silver 30G Complete Chapter 4 in any Story
Three Kingdoms United - Wei Silver 30G Complete Wei's Story
Three Kingdoms United - Wu Silver 30G Complete Wu's Story
Three Kingdoms United - Shu Silver 30G Complete Shu's Story
Tyranny Vanquished Gold 60G Complete Chapter 6 in any Story
Invincible General Silver 30G Complete all Quests
Weapon Collector Silver 30G Collect all Weapons
Orb Collector Silver 30G Collect all Orbs
Card Collector Silver 30G Collect all Cards
Treasure Collector Silver 30G Collect all Treasures
Legend Collector Silver 30G Collect all Legends
Grand Developer Gold 60G Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum
Grand Strategist Gold 60G Used all Card Tactics
Grand General Gold 60G Reach Level 50

External linksEdit

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