Dong Min 董旻 was Dong Zhuo's younger brother. He served his brother when he took power after the battle against The Regular Attendants.


Dong Min is first mentioned during the Regular Attendants massacre. He was Chief Commandant of the Imperial Equipage. Together with Wu Kuang they led their men against He Miao 何苗. Wu Kuang was angry at He Miao for not supporting He Jin 何進 and suspected him of sympathy for the eunuchs, thus found it necessary to dispose of him. They killed him and left his body in the park.

When Dong Zhuo installed Emperor Xian 獻 on the throne, Dong Min was appointed the rank General of the Left. Soon after Lü Bu killed Dong Zhuo (A.D. 192), Dong Min was executed because he was Dong Zhuo's brother. His head was displayed in public after the execution.