Changshe 長社 was a city in Yingchuan commandery (潁川郡) in the west of Yu province 豫州.

Changshe during Later Han and Three KingdomsEdit

Changshe lay in the commandery of Yingchuan. It lay south-east of Luoyang 洛陽 and east of Yangdi 陽翟.[3]

In 184 AD, during the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Huangfu Song fled to Changshe when his companion Zhu Jun had earlier lost to Bo Cai.

Battles fought at ChangsheEdit

  • 184 AD
    • Yellow Turbans versus Han
      The rebel Bo Cai besieged Huangfu Song here when the latter fled when his companion Zhu Jun was beaten by Bo Cai earlier on. Huangfu Song came out the victor.[3]



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