Collection of illustrations from a Ming Dynasty 明朝 (1368–1644) edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written by Luo Guanzhong (d. 1400). The 4:3-sized images are from a Sanguo zhi tongsu yanyi 三國志通俗演義 (The Popular Elaboration of the Records of the Three Kingdoms) version imprinted and proofed by Zhou Yuejiao in the 19th year of of the reign of the Wanli Emperor 萬曆 of Ming 明 (1591).

We also have a collection of illustrations from a Qing Dynasty edition.

Reminder: books about the Three Kingdoms usually don't come cheap. Furthermore we put a lot of time and effort scanning, editting and uploading these images. Please mention us or link to us when you decide to copy them.

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