The Cao Zhi biezhuan 曹志別傳 (Secondary Biography of Cao Zhi) was a Chinese biezhuan-style text about Cao Zhi 曹志, grandson of Cao Cao 曹操 and son of the famous poet Cao Zhi 曹植.

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Not much is known about the Cao Zhi biezhuan. Unlike many of Pei Songzhi's sources the book is not mentioned in the Book of Sui (completed in 636 AD). Perhaps the book was no longer extant at that time.

Fragments in Records of the Three KingdomsEdit

Book of Wei 19 - Biography of Cao Zhi, the Prince Si of ChenEdit

  1. 《志別傳》曰:志字允恭,好學有才行。晉武帝為中撫軍,迎常道鄉公于鄴,志夜與帝相見,帝與語,從暮至旦,甚器之。及受禪,改封鄄城公。發詔以志為樂平太守,歷章武、趙郡,遷散騎常侍、國子博士,後轉博士祭酒。及齊王攸當之藩,下禮官議崇錫之典,志歎曰:「安有如此之才,如此之親,而不得樹本助化,而遠出海隅者乎?」乃建議以諫,辭旨甚切。帝大怒,免志官。後復為散騎常侍。志遭母憂,居喪盡哀,因得疾病,喜怒失常,太康九年卒,謚曰定公。

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  • In his book The Records of the Three Kingdoms Rafe de Crespigny lists a Cao Zhi biezhuan 曹別傳 and not a Cao Zhi biezhuan 曹別傳. This is a typo, because Pei Songzhi never cited a biezhuan about Cao Zhi 曹植.


  1. de Crespigny. “Index of Books and Writers quoted in the P'ei Sung-chih commentary to San-kuo chih” in The Records of the Three Kingdoms.


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