Cao Chun 曹純 was a military general of Wei. He was the younger twin brother of Cao Ren, but was not as skilled in battle as his brother.


Cao Chun was born in 168 A.D. as the the younger brother of Cao Ren. When Cao Chun was at the age of thirteen, his father died, so he and Cao Ren took over family estates. He served the Han imperial court as a spokesman for the Emperor Ling 靈 when he was seventeen.

Warring LifeEdit

In 189 A.D., Cao Chun joined his older cousin, Cao Cao to fight against the Yellow Turbans and later against Dong Zhuo. When Cao Chun became responsible in fighting against the Wuhuan tribe, he defeated the tribe's leader, Tadun in the Battle of White Wolf Mountain.

In 208 A.D., after Liu Cong surrendered his city of Jingzhou to Cao Cao, Cao Chun pursued the fleeing Liu Bei at Changban and managed to capture Liu Bei's two daugthers, supplies and most of the retreating troops.


In 210 A.D., Cao Chun later returned to his hometown where he died of natural causes at the age of 40. He was titled 'Powerful Lord' posthumously.




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