The Battle of Sishui Pass (Sìshuǐ guān zhīzhàn 汜水關之戰; also known as the 'Battle of Sishui Gate') was a battle which was, in fiction, part of the Campaign against Dong Zhuo.

Historically this battle did not take place. It's main antagonist, Hua Xiong, historically took part in a battle at Yangren, in which he was killed by Sun Jian.


In Romance of the Three Kingdoms the Sishui Pass was defended by Hua Xiong and the coalition was unable to get past him. Yuan Shao 袁紹 then ordered Sun Jian 孫堅 to attack Sishui Pass along with his generals, Cheng Pu 程普, Huang Gai 黃蓋, Han Dang 韓當, and Zu Mao 祖茂, but Sun Jian was soon defeated because Yuan Shu 袁術 refused to give him food and supplies. After Sun Jian retreated, Yuan Shao sent out Yu She 俞涉, a general of Yuan Shu to fight Hua Xiong. Yu She went out to duel Hua Xiong, but was soon killed by Hua Xiong. Then Pan Feng 潘鳳, a general serving under Han Fu 韓馥 offered to duel Hua Xiong, but he too was killed. Yuan Shao was furious, soon Guan Yu 關羽 who was standing behind Gongsun Zan 公孫瓚, offered to cut off Hua Xiong's head and bring it back to the camp. Yuan Shao said he was to weak to fight Hua Xiong, but Cao Cao 曹操 convinced Yuan Shao to give him a chance, to which Yuan Shao agreed too. Just when Guan Yu was about to get onto his horse, Cao Cao offered him a cup of wine, but Guan Yu said he would drink the wine when he can back from the battle and took off. Several minutes later Guan Yu rode back with Hua Xiong's severed head and presented it to Yuan Shao, Cao Cao looked at the cup and it was still warm. Yuan Shao and the rest of the generals soon after would never underestimate Guan Yu again.


Fact vs. FictionEdit

  • Historically, the Battle of Sishui Pass never took place, it was completely fictional.
  • Historically, Hua Xiong was only a minor officer for Dong Zhuo.
  • Historically, Hua Xiong was killed in battle with Sun Jian.
  • Historically, Pan Feng and Yu She did not exist.
  • Historically, Sishui Pass and Hulao Pass were two names for one and the same pass.