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The Battle of Chibi, or Battle of Red Cliffs, was a battle fought between the allied forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan against the much larger forces of Cao Cao in the winter of 208-209 A.D.


After conquering most of the northern China, Cao Cao decided to invade the southern Jin Province with his "so called" ten thousand in order to keep peace in Guan Zhong area (Middle of China). He wanted to conquer both the south and north of China, so he dispatched twenty thousand troops to the south.

Sun Quan (the Lord of Wu) had already taken over Xia Kou (now in Wu Han of Hu Bei province of PRC), which made it possible to attack Jin province from the west. Sun Quan waited for the chance to take over both Jin province and Yi province and then expand his land to the north.

While Liu Bei (Emperor of Shu Han) was relying on Liu Biao (Liu Bei's his relative who was also a Landlord), the wise Zhuge Liang became his strategist.

The "Visiting Thatched Cottage Three Times" story tells of how Liu Bei met Zhu Ge Liang. In it, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang discussed the world situation and Liu Bei was impressed by Zhu Ge Liang's wisdom. In the meantime, Cao Cao's troops arrived in the southern city of Jiang Lin. Liu Biao surrendered to Cao Cao. Cao Cao ordered Liu Biao's former general Wen Pin to take the position of Officer of Jiang Xia to defend Han Chuan. The Officer of Yi province, Liu Zhang, also sent troops to support Cao Cao, and started to pay tribute to the court.

Cao Cao became arrogant and wrote a threatening letter Sun Quan without listening to his councilor JiaXu, declaring he would invade Wu. That winter, Cao Cao lead his troops to Wu. After receiving the letter from Cao Cao, Sun Quan discussed with his ministers. Most of the ministers did not want to fight with Cao Cao fearing his massive army and power. Only Zhou Yu and Lu Shu agreed to counterattack. Sun Quan appreciated Zhou Yu and Lu Su's ideas.

Liu Bei also sent Zhuge Liang to Wu in order to persuade Sun Quan to ally with him to counter Cao Cao together. Zhuge Liang went to Wu and beat Sun Quan's minister Zhang Zhao who had disagreed about to fight about whether to counter Cao Cao.

After that, Sun Quan and Liu Bei allied together to counter Cao Cao. A epic naval battle was about to take place at Chi Bi (Red Cliff)

The Battle of Chibi in art and literatureEdit

  • Warriors of Fate (video game)

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